Create RFX projects with templates and wizards

No more missed crucial topics in a RFX document. Prospeum includes an intuitive template wizard to help you build industry standard RFX documents.

Prospeum includes highly curated project templates to know what to ask for in any specific kind of sourcing project.

Assign tasks and collaborate with team members

With prospeum unprofessional RFX documents and responses as well as missed deadlines belong to the past.

Simply collaborate with your team on RFX creations or replies. Create teams and define responsibilities, assign deadlines and tasks, and evaluate submissions together in order to foster high quality projects.

Get AI powered supplier recommendations

Extend your supplier pool in less than no time. While creating the RFX requirements, prospeum automatically extracts relevant profile attributes and identifies suitable suppliers beyond your current network.

Don’t worry about confidentiality, our NLP algorithms run in state of the art data centres, all located in Germany in order to provide a maximum of security.

Easily evaluate and compare responses

With our structured RFX creation process, responses come in a well formatted and easy to evaluate form.

Achieve compliant decision making by using a side-by-side comparison combined with a collaborative evaluation based on flexible criteria and optional What-if analysis.

Create and manage contracts easily

Prospeum sets up basic contracts which can be collaboratively edited within your team. Choose from predefined contract templates, edit existing ones or simply start a new one.

Milestones, deadlines and penalties are extracted from RFX documents and can be imported into any system of your choice thanks to propseum’s REST API.