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  • Prospeum unleashes progress and innovation by tearing down barriers and inefficiencies wearing on the sourcing process. At Prospeum we believe in a greater collaborative inclusion both within and between companies. By remodelling the way companies interact with each other, we can boost speed, quality and innovation on equal terms. Our approach establishes superfluid procurement, to break down department silos, and to meet and collaborate with best-in-class suppliers. We provide a system which assists procurement executives from planning complex projects (e.g. IT, Marketing or Consulting Services) correctly from the beginning to final decision making. Through assisted requirements engineering, AI supplier scouting, agile sourcing and transparent decision making, our methodology ensures the right companies come together adn build a working relationship.

  • 3 reasons to use Prospeum

    Simplify the tedious

    Our collaborative and agile sourcing approach makes sourcing easy and fun. Every employee contributes with his expertise, eliminating hassle and dissatisfaction.

    Unleash progress & innovation

    Innovating products and business processes requires market know-how and close partnerships. Use Prospeum to leverage you supplier relationship and co-innovate specifically tailored to your needs.

    Save time and costs

    We help you making strategic sourcing and supplier management frictionless to increase your proccess efficiency up to 80%. By reducing uncertainty within your projects and supplier base, Prospeum supports you substantially cutting excess costs.

  • Saving costs from the first moment!

    Prospeum helps you to radically cut process time and subsequently also your internal costs to perform an RfQ from the moment you start using our software. During our pilot phase our customers were able to cut their costs by up to 80% as described in the graph on the right. The Prospeum sourcing platform allowed them to spend less time on processing and analyzing quotes, answering redundant questions, status updates and myriad mail ping-pong games, but focus on scoping the project better and selecting the best supplier more carefully. This made their work not only more strategic but also allowed our customers to receive better quotes with fairer prices, unlocking additional saving potentials.

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