Prospeum's versatility enables you to have a

Best-of-Breed Procurement Stack in every system architecture

Prospeum’s robust set of APIs allow third parties to build deep integrations or allow customers to access their data.

Standard Monolithic Architecture

Prospeum integrates well as an extension with classic architectures consisting either of an ERP backbone with an intermediate S2P/P2P middle layer, or only an ERP backbone.

Use Prospeum in parallel as dedicated services sourcing automation solution
Integrate Prospeum in your middle layer and/or ERP system as per your need
SSO and APIs with read and write access allow for a seamless user experience

Future-proof micro-service architecture

Future Procurement will be a micro-service connected ecosystem with highly specialized niche tech solutions. Prospeum allows to integrate with any third party application to ensure proper workflows

Use Prospeum as dedicated services sourcing automation solution
Make Prospeum your smart data hub and connect third party applications directly to Prospeum
Connect Prospeum seamlessly to your ERP or Data Lake. If using Prospeum as smart data hub, only one integration is required, we take care of data propagation.

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