We drive the future of innovative sourcing

We founded Prospeum with a vision to establish a new approach for sourcing to foster supplier collaboration and enhance corporate innovation.

About us

Prospeum rethinks the way companies manage B2B relationships. In cooperation with procurement and sales experts a new kind of Innovate-to-Contract solution was created. Prospeum’s AI based system enables procurement departments to better plan projects with a high need for coordination (esp. innovative IT and engineering projects) straight from the beginning, in order to increase success rates significantly. The system supports with assisted requirement engineering, supplier scouting as well as transparent and collaborative supplier-communication. In the following RFX process, the system supports with transparent and compliant quotation collection, evaluation and vendor selection. Hence, we enable our customers shape their sourcing process to be more transparent and collaborative, and ultimately make better business decisions.

"Procurement isn't only about cost cutting. We believe in collaborative innovation with suppliers and thus help our customers to transform their procurement departments into company-wide innovation hubs!"

Three guys, Dubai, and dozens of design thinking workshops.

That's the long story short of our vision. We (the three co-founders) first met 2017 in Dubai while all working for an innovative R&D startup as project managers. After having had hundreds of customer meetings seeing how big corporates struggle to specify their projects right, we came to a mutual understanding: "That just can't be true!"
This led to dozens of interviews with project owners and procurement experts to better understand the struggles and needs in modern sourcing, followed by even more internal design thinking workshops in order to develop an easy to use application that solves existing problem. By this we came up with Prospeum the most advanced I2C solution of its kind.

Now that we told you so much, it would be great getting a better picture of us, right?

So here we are:

Daniel Soller

Daniel has several years of experience in software development and project management. He holds a degree from TUM.

Friedrich Kern

Friedrich has several years of industry experience and knows the ins & outs of corporate B2B business. He holds a degree from TUM.

Philipp Rathjen

Philipp has several years of experience in sales and business development. He holds a degree from LMU and CDTM.

Our Values

It is our ambition to create a workplace that nurtures peoples natural curiosity. We encourage autonomy and risk-taking and build a culture of connection and collaboration that motivates everyone to pursue new ideas and define their own work as much as possible.

Collaboration is
key to success

It's not only a product promise, we see collaboration as an crucial aspect to be innovative and successful. Thus, we build great things together as a team, internally and with our customers.

We strive for

We're experts in our fields, but there's always new things to learn. We want to use our insights to build awesome new products every day and challenge the status quo. We aim to be the best in our fields, and in all projects that we endaevour.

We take risks

We believe in creating a culture of open communication, honesty and support for one another, to allow taking risks in developing new ideas and approaches, and everyone to shape their own work as much as possible. It takes courage to shape the future.

Prospeum will become a leader in forging B2B relationships.
Talk to us, to find out how you can contribute.

Our Locations

Munich office

TUM Incubator
Lichtenbergstraße 6
85748 Garching bei München

Stuttgart office

Rosenbergplatz 3
70193 Stuttgart

Contact Info

TUM Incubator
Lichtenbergstraße 6
85748 Garching bei München
Rosenbergplatz 3
70193 Stuttgart
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